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Welcome! To my emotions

Please bookmark this page. Or email me at rogersfmac@hotmail.com

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You will also See "Rogger"In this work.
So enjoy "Poetic Emotions" page's,Please pass it around "Its free" Thanks and come again soon.

They shine as brite as any star at night.
If one is all you have.
Then you are rich
They keep you from damnation of self .
Where hides the thing we all fear!!
even when it would take our life.
they are there to be of asistance.
They bring salvation from darkness.
bring not the lonlieness from the dark.
The shine is a freind and a freind shines forth so brite
that with out it we die, as a flower in darkest winter.

Thank You so much for coming,

Please Consider your Life " Jesus Is Life "

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